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Farm update and chickens for sale!

Posted 6/21/2014 4:13pm by Joshua Reinitz.

Hi CSA Members and farm customers,  

We thought you might be wondering about our farm after all of this rain.  Here's an update I wrote on facebook the other day.  surprisingly, the veggies are doing well despite the rain but other parts of our farm have been affected by wet fields and washout damage.  if you are on facebook, please check out our page to see some pictures of our woods and roads - in rough shape!

We wanted to let you know of an opportunity to buy whole frozen chickens!!!  we had 90 chickens butchered last Tuesday and they are in our freezers ready for sale now.  they average 5 pounds, and we are asking $2.99/lb for them.  they are not certified organic because we used non-organic feed.  these would be considered all natural chickens however, and they are excellent for roasting or cutting up.  We have another 100 birds going to butcher in Mid-july that are on pasture right now, so if you miss out this time around there will be more.

we will open our farm this coming Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3-6 for chicken sales. we have some other products for sale at this time such as maple syrup, eggs, and some produce.  these products aren't a part of the CSA share (which will be starting June 30).  please call us at (612) 756-3971 if you have questions or need directions to the farm.  you can also reserve a number of birds ahead of time. 

From facebook:

You have probably heard Henderson on the news in recent days due to the flooding and road damage. Fortunately, our fields are on the bluff above the river and are sloped such that we don't get standing water.

Our vegetable crops are doing well for the most part, except for our sweet corn which had terrible germination in the wet soil, and a few beds of radishes and arugula that were half washed away. There's time to replant those crops when the ground dries out.

Our first cutting of alfalfa sat through all of that rain in windrows and is now leached of most nutrients. it was about three hours from being dry last friday when it started raining, but we'll still bale it when it dries out and it will be decent feed/bedding for our steers this winter.

Much like a major blizzard in the winter, this type of event simply shuts us down for a few days. Our emotions are taxed, our bodies are tired, and we just have to take a few days off to take it all in. I am very sad for those whose houses were damaged, and I'm bummed that some of my favorite spots in the woods have been washed away.

Nature rules, like it or not! I have seen enough floods around here in my 35 years that I don't get too shaken up about it, and all we can do as farmers is adapt and accept what comes our way!


take care,

Josh and Sally

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