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CSA Sign-up Time!

Posted 3/11/2019 9:19am by Joshua Reinitz.

There's no denying the change in seasons now, so It's that time again. Time to sign up for the 2019 Season season from East Henderson Farm.  I know it's still early, but we just wanted to make sure that anyone who intends to join for 2019 has a chance  (don't worry, there's plenty of time). Even if you can't make any payments now, please go ahead and go through the signup process to secure your spot.  please follow this link to sign up: http://www.easthendersonfarm.com/members/types

We currently have pickup locations on the farm, St. Peter, and Mankato.  We do have capacity for more pickups, so if you live in our neighboring towns like Belle Plaine, New Prague, Arlington, Le Sueur, Jordan, and have a group of people you think would want a CSA share, we are happy to find a location!  If you are willing to host a drop site in your community or know of a business who can, we throw in a CSA share to compensate the host!  Let us know if you're interested.  We made a decision about 5 years ago to focus only on communities within 30 miles of the farm, to keep it as local as possible, rather than delivering everything up to the Twin Cities.

We are firing up the greenhouse this week and planting our first seeds - the onion family, long-season herbs, and brussels sprouts.  We are also working to tap around 300 sugar maple trees for syruping.  These activities are sure signs that it will indeed, someday, be warm again and there will be green leaves soon.

We welcome any feedback about your CSA experience.  After 10 years we are moving past our "how do we grow vegetables" beginner phase, and into "How can we build community and connect people with nature through our work" phase.  Ha! We do get a lot of feedback about too much food in the share, and we certainly don't want any of it going unused.  We are consistently not great at things like carrots, beets, or baby greens.  These are things we are always trying to improve.  So if a different crop mix would suit you, lesser or more amounts, we want to hear from you! 

Farming in a variable and often extreme climate is very challenging (I can't sleep during downpours), but we are bringing 2 new large hoophouses into production this year that should help us mitigate some of these challenges and prevent crop losses. Particularly with the baby greens - it's almost impossible to grow them in the open field at this point so the hoophouses will help a lot.

Another change we are making is opening our farm up to more tours, visits, and making it a space that people can hang out.  I know we all have busy lives, but if you have a chance during CSA pickup time to come hang out, visit the crops, take a nature walk, we welcome it.  We want to be more accessible to our amazing members, hear your cooking ideas, and talk about sustainability.

We are going to announce a 2019 class and events calendar soon, and these will be open to the public.  This is a new adventure for us - we've been so focused on growing crops (and kids) that we have not had as many events as we had initially hoped when we started this farm.  Life circumstances change, the kids are getting older and easier, so we are making changes to our business too.

Our 5-10  year plan includes making outdoor living spaces on the farm to hang out, have a bonfire, camp, and share food.  We want to teach our skills, and help people connect with nature.  So please keep in touch, even if you aren't doing the farm share.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram if you don't already, it's where we put out most of our farm news and photos.

So, we are inspired!  I'm sure we are all tired of this winter, it has been particularly tough.  That sun sure is bright these days, and it is a sure sign of what's to come.  Thanks everyone!

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